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Yass Agar - Emotional Sinners

21 Jan
Yass Agar - Emotional Sinners

Another track fresh out of the oven!  I'm very pleased how the track came out. Before getting our hands dirty in the studio, I had heard Yazz perform "Emotional Sinners" on the acoustic and already I knew the song had potential. Keep your antenas on because I'm sure Yazz will soon surprise us with more of his music.

"Having grown up in the same town, I’ve known Mikki for more than a decade and I’ve followed his musical/production evolution over the yearsI I had no doubt that I could put my little treasure in his hands. He is extremely talented and has one of the most acute ear that I know. -Yazz

About Yazz Agar

It all started when I bought my first acoustic guitar during a school field trip back in the mid nineties in Cardiff (Wales). It cost me 50 pounds!! The instrument looked great from far but far from great I can tell ya! Years went by before I even started to play it and by then I had a lot of emotions built up inside of me that were looking for an exit. After reaching a creativeness plateau due to my limited guitar talent back then (I was stuck in picking the first two chords…for ages LOL!), I then decided to take it seriously and teach myself how to play and incorporate singing. I think every musician/artist will relate to the gibberish lyrics that come out of your mouth like you mean  it, to sing along your just improvised riff...ahhhh (sight) happy days!
Over a period of almost a decade, I’d been playing covers of my favorites songs, writing the odd song here and there (never anything structured let alone finished) it was all very inconsistent. It got to a point, maybe a year and half ago when one of my dearest friends and very talented musician “Sebastian Matter” inspired me to find the courage to put pen on paper and write/ compose my music in an organized and structured manner…..and to my surprise it was not as challenging as I’d always imagined it to be. On the contrary, it was extremely satisfying and man! does it feel good! when you finish writing a song and it sounds all that you feel inside…what a sweet sensation!
When I finished writing “Emotional Sinners”, I really wanted it to be produced by a professional that spoke the same musical language as me and who also shared a passion perfection. For me music is therapeutic, vibrant, arousing, emotional and above all I believe music must be shared with the world, people need to know that they are not alone in their daily battle with life.


Press play and let your mind evade for a while….let your emotions flow……this is just the beginning"